Sunday, January 5, 2014

Date night

Last night was date night. Our first night out without baby Julien. It was nice to spend time with each other. Of course, immediately after we left the first topic that comes out of my mouth is Julien. David had to remind me that we should talk about us.
It's so important for couples to spend some time together away from their kids to strengthen their own bond. I've been told stories of friends that didn't take time with each other and regret it. One couple said they love their children to death, but their relationship has dwindled a little. We see it in movies all the time where the kids have grown and started lives of their own and the parents no longer love each other or even know each other anymore. David and I discussed before getting married that we would love each other first and then our kids. It's so important to love each other first. You tighten the bond with each other and show your children what love is, especially when they begin to get into relationships of their own. David and I want to be able to show Julien that we love each other and that he can be secure in knowing that that is one thing he doesn't have to worry about.