Friday, December 25, 2015

The Hardest Thing I had to do. (part 2)

Day two...

Another night down. Today I've made it a stay in day with my nephew. David FaceTimes me and gives me an update about the night. Julien seems more excited to see Jeremiah than he is to see me which proves he's doing fine with my absence. David tells me that the night was not bad at all. Julien woke up once during the night to use the bathroom and another time to cuddle, but not successfully. As soon as he noticed that it wasn't "Momma" that he was tying to cuddle with he completely pushed David away and fell asleep on the other side of the bed. David admitted that he was offended by this but at the same time it was good to know that Julien had attempted to put himself to sleep instead of relying on him for comfort. My heart hurts a little while talking to them, but I also am urged to remember that tomorrow morning I will be reunited with them once more.
The day goes by kind of fast. I am preoccupied with taking care of my nephew and having "me-time". Its nice to be able to do the things that I don't have to do, but enjoy doing. Finally my sister and brother-in-law return home from work and I get to wash my hair. Its really nice to fully take care of myself without other responsibilities to think about. After washing my hair I remembered a couple of personality tests that I've wanted my siblings to take since moving down to Buckeye. I get all my paperwork together and begin taking them through. It was interesting to see what their personalities were. In no time it was time for bed and so much closer to reuniting with my boys.