Saturday, February 15, 2014

God Is Good!

It started with a car and ended with a blessing. Our car had broken down right after Christmas due to timing belt issues. David and I discussed looking for another car, but when we puts things into perspective it would not have worked out. So, we decided to do the cheaper option and fix the car, but we did not have the money to do that. Luckily my mother generously lent us money to get the car fixed and we were able to get our car back. Time had passed and we and tried to travel with the car again, and again we were faced with a broken car a month later. This really discouraged David and I with our plans and our finances. We could not continue planning for the future without knowing where I finances stood. As of that moment, we were already in debt, had broken car, and many other things to worry about on top of that.
We immediately were put to our knees and prayed for a miracle of some sort. The next day, God answered our prayers and we received an anonymous donation to help us through. Right now we are in the midst of praying about what is the right thing to do with our blessing. Either we fix the car again or we get another car. We are so grateful for God's provision of over our lives. Praise God!